Word came down on Friday first from Twitter, then from Loren Brichter himself that the Tweetie iPhone app (and soon the iPad app) had been acquired by Twitter. Loren Brichter will be joining the mobile team at Twitter.

In the coming weeks, Tweetie will be rebranded and re-released as Twitter for iPhone. The app will be free from that point on as well. Though once Twitter figures out their advertising strategy, we should expect to see that in the app as well. In addition, it was announced that we should see the iPad version of this renamed Tweetie soon as well.

Some are worried that Twitter releasing their own mobile client device could negatively impact the other mobile clients. While this will certainly be true to some extent, Tweetie is the best iPhone client and it is now going to be free after all. Others will need to differentiate themselves in some way to get attention and sales. Twitter applying their official stamp to an application still causes great concern by many. This will still allow other developers to compete as long as Twitter doesn't create private APIs that only their client can access.

There was also great concern about what will become of the Macintosh OSX desktop version of Tweetie. That app is currently in development and waiting for a major revision based on the new core in Tweetie 2. Well Loren posted some good news on that this weekend. It is being worked on right now and a first beta should be delivered soon.

[via Twitter]

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