Turtoa: Global Rhythm is an upcoming rhythm game for iOS and Android from developer Sillysoft Games. There's no set release date just yet but when it does eventually release players can expect to play through levels that contain songs from all over the globe.

The levels are all hand-crafted rather than going down the route of random generation for both the stages and music. There will be a variety of modes too, depending on how you'd prefer to enjoy the game.

If you'd prefer a more laid back approach then you might opt for the casual mode which the developers say will provide a meditative musical experience. Meanwhile, if you're on the hunt for a challenge you'll want to play maestro mode which will test how fast and rhythmically you can tap your fingers.

As mentioned, the game hopes to include music from artists from across the globe. Some of those players can expect to hear include:

  • DJ Drez
  • David Charrier
  • Burning Babylon
  • Kaissa
  • Maneli Jamal
  • Eliyahu Sills
  • Rhythm Scott
  • Hola Hola

There will be 7 lanes for players to keep an eye on as they tap to the beat, which has the potential to become a little hectic. Fortunately, there are a few power-ups to make use of to make proceedings a little easier when they get tough. They including slowing down time with the Snail and hitting notes with perfect precision with the Prawn.

Turtoa: Global Rhythm will be heading to the App Store and Google Play. There is no concrete release date just yet or word on the price. However, we do know that a portion of the profits will be donated to Sea Turtle Conservancy.

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