The week started off with a bit of a surprise asTokaido, a beautiful board game by Antoine Bauza, made its mobile debut today. Publisher Funforge is behind the digital version, too.

For the uninitiated,Tokaidois a lovely, peaceful game set in fictional Japan. You are traveller on the East Sea Road on a trip to simply see whatever marvels you might stumble upon. Visit steamy hot springs, pray at shrines, and gather up a collection of souvenirs and other mementos.

It's not all fun and games, though. You're competing with your fellow travelers to find the best collectibles on your adventure. Ever-shifting turn orders ramp up the competitive spirit of the game, too. Players will have to decide if they want to focus on the journey at hand, or work to disrupt the paths of others.

All of that subtle scheming is wrapped up in beautiful packaging.Tokaido is quite beautiful, depicting delightful hand-drawn artwork that perfectly captures the unrivaled Japanese countryside. You can try it now on iOS and Android for $6.99.

Have you playedTokaido? Share your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

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