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I Am Bread

The world of gaming means you can inhabit the lives of so much. You can become a hero saving the universe, a soldier at war, an orc exploring a new world, or you can be a slice of bread. You read me right - bread. The latest in a string of quirky simulations (hi there, Goat Simulator), I am Bread has you inhabit the soul of a slice of bread as it desperately makes its way from the rest of the loaf to the toaster. Because toast is the best use of bread, obviously! It’s obtuse a lot of the time but the novelty value makes it worth checking out if you’ve got money to spare. Each level is a day of the week, starting out with a psychiatrist’s report into the actions of a man convinced that his loaf of bread is alive. Then you find yourself on your perilous mission to get to the toaster. --Jennifer Allen

Tiny Empire

Angry Birds 2 disappointed you a little, right? Fun but too full of freemium stuff to really keep you fully happy, yes? Tiny Empire is almost an antidote to that. It’s not as finely tuned, but being an entirely premium experience with just the one price ensures that you can simply enjoy the game rather than feel gouged for money. The first thing you’ll notice and love (if you’re my age) is the visual style. Tiny Empire looks like a 16-bit game that wouldn’t be out of place on the Sega Genesis or SNES. The map layout for choosing each level also looks just like a JRPG from days gone by. This is distinctly appealing and immediately puts Tiny Empire on the right footing. --Jennifer Allen

Fitness Avatar

Strength exercises are an unsurprisingly perfect way to get stronger and fitter. They’re also the ideal way to completely wreck your back and other vital limbs, all through performing such activities incorrectly. While you can get a trainer or spotter to assist you, that’s not always convenient. Instead, I’d suggest giving Fitness Avatar a shot.The app works by offering you advice on how to perform a particular move, before then filming you as you complete one repetition so you can see exactly what you’re doing rightly or wrongly. You’re restricted to squats, deadliest, and bench presses, but as these are three popular moves and ones that demand you perform them correctly, this is a pretty good starting point. In each case, a brief intro is provided along with a description of why you should take advantage of such a movement. Then you can go to work. Fitness Avatar will keep an eye on how your back is adjusting and whether you’re putting too much pressure on your knees or other joints. You can then watch it back and see how you did. --Jennifer Allen

Top Camera 2

Top Camera 2 is the kind of app that’s going to fit on your phone quite nicely. Besides being very useful and small in size, it looks stylish, matching the general aesthetic tone of iOS.In that mere 8mb of size, Top Camera 2 packs in comprehensive photo and video modes, a selection of filters, and plenty of adjustment options. In each case, it’s simple to use too. Taking a photo or video for instance can take mere seconds, with sliding bars allowing you to adjust the focus or exposure, while another sliding panel gives you options such as HDR, slow shutter, or time lapse. It’s all intuitive and takes seconds to figure out. --Jennifer Allen

Sage Solitaire

Solitaire is all well and good, but all too often it’s kind of samey. Sage Solitaire takes that concept, throws in some Poker elements and soon proves to be pretty compelling.Across three different modes, the format is roughly the same. A three by three grid of cards are offered to you and you have to make hands from them. These hands can be many thing from Poker such as pairs, three of a kind, a full house, and so on. Two pairs aren’t allowed though, which is a little annoying. One of the game modes also allows you to make hands of 15. --Jennifer Allen

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Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Here’s to Walking Dead: Road to Survival. It’s based on the original The Walking Dead comics, it definitely pays homage with the grim feeling and apocalyptic look, with stills and gritty transitions.One major part of the game is the building and crafting. The home compound serves as an enclave of sorts which protects the untainted inhabitants against the undead and other human enemies. Part of the game involves learning how to craft, using materials made on site. One can upgrade and add more resources like farms and living quarters, some upgrades depend on the level of other units. Thus, a bit of strategy is involved to grow.A good portion of this combat segment has to do with turn-based action. It usually consists of the player’s crew facing (or surrounded by) a set of zombies or other human opponents.--Tre Lawrence

ZAGG Auto-Fit Folio 10 Keyboard

Bottom line? If I am going to use a tablet, I might as well get the accessories and peripherals that will make it work for me. I like the comfort of being able to use one as a laptop at least some of the time, so a portfolio-type of accessory is just what the doctor ordered.One problem: not all tablets get the same treatment from accessory makers — which is somewhat understandable. What happens if you get a hardware piece that doesn’t have an iPad-like stable of third-party accessories to choose from? What if you have multiple devices with slightly different dimensions?--Tre Lawrence


Every now and then, one comes across an atypical game.FRAMED is just that. It is an interesting comic-puzzle hybrid that manages to surprise every step of the way.It’s about time it got to Android.In this one, the game gets to the going quickly. To understand if to play it; it feels like an animated comic book of you will, with paneled cards sewing the action together. A scene starts, and then is replaced by another scene, which is basically a continuation of the prior screen. It pops off so quickly that the storyline, which involves a person on the run-type deal, becomes a sideshow… in a great way.--Tre Lawrence

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