It's been another close run thing in the 148Apps game of the week award, but after checking on some possible areas of contention with the Frankfurt bureau, we can finally reveal that the winner of last week's coveted title is the impressively deep Chaos Reborn: Adventures.

This is a game that really isn't for the faint of heart, chock full with strategy, tactics, new concepts, and even more. And, quite frankly, it's really rather brilliant. Do we think it's a worthy winner of our game of the week award? We most positively do, and if you read on you'll find out why.

The game is a dark fantasy experience set in a world of wizarding duels. You're one of those wizards, with a stack of card-based spells at your disposal, and it's up to you to use your brain and your fingers to take out your opponents.

Alongside the massive single player campaign, there's also a really chunky multiplayer component, and plenty of ways to dive into a quick game against the AI as well. Not that anything about Chaos Reborn: Adventures could really be described as quick.

This is a huge game in pretty much every way that statement can mean anything. It'll take up a lot of space on your iPhone, it'll cost you $9.99, and the games you play aren't designed for those brief slices of time when mobile play feels like the best idea.

While it makes no bones about not trying to fit into a specifically mobile shaped hole, it still manages to be the best turn-based strategy game that money can buy on the App Store. And I don't think praise comes higher than that.

If you're interested in giving Chaos Reborn: Adventures a whirl, you can click here to start your journey to the App Store to pick it up. And if you click here you can find out what won last week's game of the week award.

Make sure you come back to 148Apps tomorrow as well, when we'll be picking another five games for you to choose a game of the week from.

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