The artistic narrative adventure The Lion’s Song is making the jump from PC to iOS later this summer. The game lands on the App Store on July 13th with all episodes bundled into one neat little package, so you'll have no excuse not to give this gorgeous game a try.

The Lion’s Song stands out for its beautiful sepia-toned design. It tells the story of four characters in 20th century Australia who seem unconnected until you learn more about them. Their paths cross in unexpected ways that really drive the emotional pull of the game.

While the game is story heavy, the direction of the narrative largely depends on player choice. The decisions you make in the game can have a huge impact on how each character’s story plays out. It raises the stakes, but also makes room for multiple playthroughs.

You’ll be able to buy The Lion’s Song on July 13 for $4.99.

Are you into narrative games likeThe Lion's Song, or are more action-heavy titles more your bag? Let us know in the comments.

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