Clash Royale, the 2016 multiplayer battle arena game, developed by Supercell, was a huge success and continues to hold the attention of millions worldwide.

Supercell has confirmed that it is releasing a new summer update, and fans cannot stay calm. The update has several new features, as promised in the latest TV royale, hosted by Max and Drew.

Summer update unveils new Battle Banners and more

  • Battle banners, boxes, and tokens

Players now have battle banners that are displayed alongside usernames, before each battle, except for duels and boat battles. The battle banner has three elements - decoration, frame, and badges.
These can be obtained by opening new mythical boxes - the banner box, with the help of banner tokens.

  • Player profile revamp

Player profiles will get an entirely new design.

  • Duels outside clan wars

Now you can play a duel with anyone worldwide, outside of clan wars. It can be 1v1 or 2v2. There are two types of duels available - the regular open duel and the new ‘ban pick duel’.

  • New badges for achievements

A new set of achievement badges will be available for the players. Some of them include Clan wars 2, collection level, donations, banner collection,Supercell creator, emote,2v2, and CRL badges for both spectators and competitors.

  • Card mastery

The new update comes with three added levels of Card Mastery, in addition to the seven pre-existing ones. Also, there are newly added rewards for these cards. Completing the tasks will also reward a player with banner tokens.

  • Stats

The new update also has a better level of stats for players. The different elements picked by the developers include wins, highest trophy, three crown wins, total donations, cards found, and current favourite card.

Other than these, there are improvements in volume slider, trader, quality of life, and other bug fixes.

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