Summer has finally arrived in different regions of the world, and the gaming community hasn't been left out of its grasp. Supercell has revealed that the upcoming July Gold Pass will include some enhanced premium summer-themed goodies, which might be featured in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans receives new updates every season, and this season is no exception. Along with some balancing changes, players get to grab new skins for their favourite heroes.

In May, Supercell had revealed that a summer-themed skin for Warden and a few other characters would be included in the June gold pass. With the latest update, players can finally get their hands on the latest in-game items. But that's not the end of it; the July pass will feature a Summer Queen skin that players can unlock next month.

Grand Warden, Archer Queen get a summer overhaul

A 51-second video wasposted to the official Clash of ClansTwitter handle, displaying some brand new summer-based hero aesthetics. The Summer Warden appears to be sporting a tanned look, wielding a beach ball, and slaying foes with an amplifier. Meanwhile, the Archer Summer Queen's iconic pistol seems to double up as an umbrella. Some other characters have also received a wardrobe refresh.

The wardrobe overhaul is accompanied bysome new and unique animations to maintain the shift in character design. This has added a fresh feel to the game and characters we are all too familiar with. Players can head over to the in-game store and grab the cool new skins.

Village gets a makeover and new troops

Along with the characters' new wardrobes, the village too will be getting some major summer rework. Players can set up "scenery" for their home base. Of course, all these summer renovations are purely aesthetic.

Lastly, the new update has brought on a new troop to the village. The Headhunter, a mysterious figure draped in a dark cloak, is all set to spread poison on the battlefield. The dark elixir troop can be unlocked at Town Hall 12. Along with this, Inferno Dragon and the Witch can now be transformed into Super Troops.

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