The best mobile games for Valentine's Day

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 14th, 2023

Love—artificially manufactured and genuine—is in the air with Valentine’s Day coming up, but that’s no reason to stop gaming. Now you could just keep on logging in to your Genshin Impacts, Rocket Leagues, and posting your daily Wordle score, but you could also be playing some games that match this romantic time of year.

Luckily, there’s plenty of solid titles to let you do exactly that. Read on below for our top picks of fully vetted and endorsed mobile games that examine love, relationships, kissing, and more.

Five Dates (Free)

Wales Interactive basically made a playable romcom with Five Dates. This FMV game has you meeting various women virtually in hopes of making some romantic sparks fly. Pick your dates, get advice from your friend, and decide how to act in your hangouts to see if anything might workout between these women and the white straight cypher of a character you play as.

Also maybe try the sequel, Ten Dates!

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Speed Dating for Ghosts ($2.99)

Speed Dating for Ghosts pulls double duty as a good Halloween game as well as a solid Valentine’s Day experience. In it, you and everyone else you are dating have passed on from the mortal realm, but that doesn’t stop everyone of wanting to find some connection. This interactive fiction game has you choosing ghosts you want to talk to to learn more about them and also try to see if there’s any romantic connection there.

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Tender: Creature Comforts ($3.99)

The pitch for Tender: Creature Comforts sounds like it’s just a goofy parody of online dating. In some ways, this is true, but the premise of matching for dates with aliens who all populate a planet for the purpose of romantic connection is carried out with such earnestness and attention-to-detail that it also has the power to move you and suck you in to the relationships you develop through texting back and forth.

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Gemini - A Journey of Two Stars ($1.99)

Gemini is the least explicitly romantic game on this list, but that’s mostly because the game itself is very minimal and suggestive. That said, this light puzzle adventure is clearly about relationships, sacrifice, and the power of connection, making it one of the most affecting mobile games I’ve played and a more than appropriate addition to this list.

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Spitkiss ($1.99)

If you don’t want to be grossed out by all of the emotional aspects of romance through the other games listed here, why not be grossed out by the physical aspects? Spitkiss is a game about creatures that communicate and bond through bodily fluids, and the “game” aspect of it involves flinging spit through complicated environments in hopes of connecting with a companion on the other side. On a more serious note, Spitkiss also gets massive props for being one of the few mobile games I’ve encountered that provides representation for polyamorous relationships and explores themes of gender fluidity. It’s also just a really great platformer.

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