The 5 Best Mobile Games like Wordle

Posted by Campbell Bird on January 4th, 2022

Wordle is seemingly taking the internet by storm as of late. The little daily “guess the word” game has been popping up all across social media timelines in the last couple of weeks, and for good reason. It’s a fun little exercise that is satisfying to complete, easy to make a daily ritual, and easy to share online to compare results.

Now, Wordle is easy enough to play on your phone as it is, but just in case you’re looking for some more games that can satisfy in a similar way between daily resets, here are some incredible mobile games that can do just that.

Typeshift (Free)

After completing my first ever Wordle puzzle, the first game that came to mind was Typeshift. You might not think it from the outside, but Typeshift is like if Wordle just had its constraints readjusted. You have fewer letters to work from, but their placement in a word is predetermined and you need to use every single one of them to make a series of words. Typeshift has a daily challenge just like Wordle, too, though it also has other puzzles to tackle and various modes to explore as well.

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Sidewords ($2.99)

Sidewords adds a sort of spatial challenge to the word-making puzzle game. Without pressuring you on time or guesses, Sidewords is all about efficiently filling a matrix flanked by two words. You use letters from both of those words to fill spaces where those letters intersect to fill a space, with your goal being to fill the whole matrix. It sounds complicated, but it you get the hang of it as soon as you play a puzzle or two. Make sure to check it out.

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Good Sudoku by Zach Gage (Free)

The only non-wordy entry on this list, Good Sudoku is a good way to push your logical skills to the limit. At its core, it’s just a game with Sudoku puzzles, but saying that would be like saying Wordle is just a game about guessing a random word. While these things are true, both games are so much more than that, and this is doubly true for Good Sudoku. I wouldn’t dream of playing a different version of Sudoku.

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Letter Rooms (Free)

Letter Rooms mixes and matches different rules that allow you to move and change letters on a per level basis. Because of these design choices, it doesn’t have a daily mode, but it has over 300 puzzles waiting for you (and counting). These pre-designed levels also allow for the creators to get a little cheeky with their puzzle hints, making each new level a novel surprise when you start it.

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Dear Reader (Apple Arcade)

For the Apple Arcade folks, Dear Reader is a more literary word puzzler. Instead of playing with letters to form words, this game has you correct passages from classic literature by swapping lines into their correct order, tapping on all the misspelled words, and more. With a daily challenge, vast library, and a ton of difficulty customization option, Dear Reader is the ideal game for the literary puzzler.

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