At the start of every month we like to take a look back at the games that have really caught our attention over the previous 30 or so days. We have a sit down, we have a long hard think, and we decide which of the interactive digital experiences we've poked our way through deserves to be included on our best of the month list.

There were some tough decisions to make about which games made it into the top five this month, let me tell you. Coffees were thrown, arguments were had. At one point there was a very real chance that a duel was about to ensue. But we got there in the end. Agree? Disagree? Fancy a duel? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

The Pillars of the Earth - download for iOS

A huge, ambitious adventure game that retells the story of a huge, ambitious book. It looks absolutely incredible, its scope is on the breathtaking side of the wow-meter, and our reviewer Campbell really didn't have anything bad to say about it.

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Project Highrise - download for iOS

A classic sim game with a vertical twist. Here you're managing every aspect of a sky-scraper. You decide who gets in, what they do once they've arrived, and where they live. You need to make sure your residents are happy, as well as designing every aspect of their new, god-poking residences.

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Killing Time at Lightspeed - download for iOS

A work of interactive fiction that's all about how we interact with people over social networks. Because you're hurtling through the cosmos at the speed of light, you can only have an indirect effect on your friends and family. What will your choices mean for the people you've left behind?

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Oddmar - download for iOS

Quite simply one of the best platformers we've seen on the App Store in a good long while. It's super polished, absolutely brilliant to play, and every inch of it has been tailored to fit perfectly on mobile. If you only pick up one game this month, I'd suggest you pick up this one.

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Paladins Strike - download for iOS

The last place on this coveted list was hotly contested, but in the end I went for Paladins Strike. It's a super interesting mix of a MOBA and a shooter, and sees you running around arenas blasting people's faces off in deathmatch battles. It's fun, it's fast, and while it might not be the most subtle game in the world, sometimes you don't want that.

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