Scanner Pro's Newest Update Adds Auto-Scanning and a Radar (Not Like That)

Posted by Rob Rich on July 2nd, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Scanner Pro is one of the most popular document scanning apps on iOS, thanks in no small part to its near-constant updates, I'm sure. Now we're up to update number six, and it adds some pretty handy new features.

The first and most touted new thing is the Scan Radar. It can comb through your photo library and automatically identify (and scan) images of documents. In other words you can snap a photo of a document, even from your iPhone's lock screen, and then have Scanner Pro scan it later.

An automatic scanning mode is also available, which will let you hold your phone over a document while the app snaps a picture on its own - you can even use it in batch mode to rapid-fire scan a bunch of stuff in rapid succession. OneNote and OneDrive integration is also a thing you can do now, and you can set specific file destinations as favorites in order to make saving new scans even faster. Finally there's the Re-edit feature that will let you go back and tweak things like borders and color adjustments in documents that were already scanned - even if it was a while ago.

All this new stuff is available in Scanner Pro right now as a free update. And on the off chance you don't already have it installed you can also grab it for 50% off ($2.99) for a limited time.

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