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So, you’ve just downloaded Riff the Robot and you need some help? Don’t worry, here are some great tips and tricks for beginners. They’re sure to give you the edge when going for those high scores, as well as help with deciphering some of the scoring system.

The basics

  • This isn’t like Peggle. Riff the Robot is more skills based - Remember that once you’ve launched Riff, you can still manipulate him by using his thrusters. Tapping left or right at key moments can make all the difference to maintaining a steady run and acquiring plenty of points. It's a little tricky at first, but it really does help in the long term.
  • Thrusters are particularly handy when you’ve missed the catapult - You’ve got a chance of being saved by the portal but only if you land on it. This is where careful tapping of the thrusters can really save you from losing your life.
  • Remember that you’ve only got one life. Don’t waste it - Often, you don’t have to worry about a timer, so line those shots up well for maximum efficiency.

What everything means

  • There’s a lot to take in here, which is great but potentially confusing. Remember to aim for magnets as they grab onto Riff. He stays stuck to them until you decide to send him off somewhere else, giving you valuable time to reassess where to go next.
  • Know your marbles and adjust accordingly - Blue marbles are worth 100 points, while purple ones are worth 500 points.
  • Orange marbles are worth 100 points, but they also increase your multiplier by 1x. Get plenty of these before snagging the blue and purple marbles.
  • Green marbles are worth 250 points, as well as help open the warp gate to get you to the next stage. For maximum stars, you don’t want to do this too quickly as you want to wrack up some good combos.
  • Extra Time marbles have a clock face on them and add a second to the timer during timed stages.
  • White marbles give you a free power up. These power ups can be fire based (enabling you to shoot through all obstacles), a teleporter (sending you to the highest up green marble), or a free protective shield.
  • Marbles are also useful in helping you unlock new areas, so don’t be afraid to replay completed levels in order to gain more marbles. It’s fun to shoot for 3 stars in each level anyhow, plus it unlocks bonus stages.


  • You need energy to play a game of Riff the Robot - That energy recharges one turn at a time, every 15 minutes.
  • Consider Facebook - If you connect the game to Facebook, you get a bunch of coins that you can us to buy more energy, as well as power-ups. I’d suggest saving it for energy, rather than power-ups, as later levels are really pretty tough.
  • You can watch videos for two extra turns, too - After four times of doing this in quick succession, you have to wait a while for another opportunity. So, stick with using up those coins for a more reliable option.

Riff the Robot

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2015-06-04 :: Category: Game


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