Town-management simulations are ten a penny on mobile these days, but QubeTown is more than just another attempt to make SimCity more casual.

Published by MU Legend studio Webzen, the game tasks players with building a thriving settlement against a colourful fantasy backdrop. This doesn’t just mean constructing buildings, harvesting crops and trading with neighbouring cities - your duties also include protecting the populace from troublesome trolls.

QubeTown gives players plenty of other tasks to busy themselves with outside of the core building and resource management. You can customise your own lord or lady avatar with bonus costumes and hairdos, and accompany your citizens on adventures.

There are also animals, including dragons, elephants and pandas, to rear, and social features such as Facebook integration so you can invite your friends to join the build-em-up fun.

Currently available on Android in Canada, Australia and the Philippines (with an iOS version soon to follow), QubeTown sports Minecraft-style visuals and has been designed with casual accessibility in mind.

If you live outside of those territories but are keen to check the game out, here’s the good news: Webzen is planning to launch it in Europe and the US and the near future, and is also converting it to other languages such as French and German.

For more information, head over to QubeTown’s official website or Facebook page.

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