Puzzle & Dragons is about to get a whole lot stranger as the latest collaboration brings legendary manga and anime series Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. Lasting until March 19th, you will be able to challenge 6 exclusive dungeons and collect a few interesting characters.

The Joestar family has been at the forefront of history for over 35 years, bringing with them some unforgettable heroes and villains, some of which you can now collect through the JoJo Egg Machines. Anyone who logs in will receive one free pull, and be in with the chance to recruit characters such as Jotaru Kujo, and one of anime's most bombastic villains, Dio.

When you manage to recruit your JoJo party, take them through the JoJo’s Bizare Adventure dungeon to win rewards such as the DIS - Gold, which can be traded at the Monster Exchange for the mighty Bow and Arrow. If you want a set challenge, the Stand Rush gives you a specified Leader to use and will guarantee drops such as Latent Tamadra. Clearing this will give you one pull at the 6 Star machine, and you can even tackle this challenge in a Multiplayer Mode.

The boss challenge of this collab is the main antagonist of the Stone Ocean arc, Father Pucchi. If you manage to defeat this dreadful foe, you will receive 2x Event Medal - Rainbow for your first clear. Much like JoJo, don’t forget you have your friends to back you up in the Multiplayer Mode. If you manage to defeat Pucchi, you are ready to try the JOJO Title Challenge, a fight with a Fixed Leader, Helper, and a time limit. This will test your skills and adaptability, and should you will, you will earn the JOJO Title, and join the Joestar lineage, perhaps.

To get involved with the bizarre goings-on, download Puzzle & Dragons from the App Store and Google Play now.

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