Papers, Please, a fan-favourite indie game will release for iPhone and Android on August 5th. Developer Lucas Pope, the creator of the game, made the announcement via Twitter.

The announcement also stated that the already existing iPad version will be eligible for an update to the mobile version for free.

The launch of the mobile version comes almost after a decade since its original release in 2013 for Microsoft Windows and OS X. Ports for Linux, iOS, and PlayStation Vita were made available in the following years.

Pope responded to a few inquiries from Twitter users regarding the mobile port, stating that iOS 11 is the minimum supported version and that zooming is not available.

The game design has undergone some small mechanical and user interface tweaks in order to enhance the mobile experience. Pope tweeted, "I tried to make it operate pleasantly on such little displays."

He also clarified that the game will be a paid title and the new release is "standalone" and not a component of a subscription service like Netflix, which has been adding an increasing number of mobile games lately.

A puzzle game designed to simulate real-world activities, ‘Papers Please’ received a positive response after its release. As per reports, the game has sold over 500,000 copies in 2014.

The game puts the player in the role of an immigration inspector in the fictional state of Arstotzka in the 1980s. His job is to determine whether immigrants live or die and whether outsiders are allowed into the state.

The job also carries the risk of significant harm as terrorists, spies, or smugglers disguise themselves as innocents to infiltrate the system and cause harm to the country.

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