Pikmin Bloom will be adding a new weekly challenge feature to allow players to play with their friends. This is the biggest update of the game since launch, and players have one whole week to complete each challenge with their friends.

Players will be able to tackle weekly tasks starting from April 28th.

What is this weekly challenge all about?

The challenge is limited to a group of five players. However, solo players can also participate and complete the challenges. You can sign up for a challenge as a solo player, or with your friends.

As a part of the challenge, players with their buddies will be walking a certain number of steps. You will be rewarded with nectar and other items after completing the challenge.

The developers expect to get more players involved in Niantic's most recent mobile games with this challenge. And, it’s perfect timing too, as players from Northern Hemisphere can enjoy the weekly challenges during the spring season.

How to earn rewards in Pikmin Bloom weekly challenge?

You can start ticking off the tasks with the new widget on the app's home screen. You’ll want to, if you haven’t yet, add friends by entering the 12-digit code or QR code with the friend's function tab in the app.

Here you can see the avatars and incremental steps done by each buddy. You’ll be able to see their real-time progress here too.

To complete the weekly challenge, you need to meet the total number of steps given in the theme. You will be rewarded nectar once you reach it. Don't lose heart if you don't qualify, you will still be showered with huge participation bonuses.

The developers are expecting to introduce more challenges in the future. There might also be a variety introduced beyond walking such as through planting flowers and other items.

But, for now, it’s well worth adding a bunch of friends who get out and use the app a lot, to make sure that your team wins the first challenge.

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