On The Music Path Embraces Your Inner Musician

Posted by Blake Grundman on May 11th, 2011
iPad App - Designed for iPad

It has been said that music is the universal language.  The strum of a chord is truly understandable in any language, which makes it such a helpful tool in communicating emotion, without ever having to utter a single syllable.  This is why music is so critical to the culture of the world, and why it is even more critical that people have opportunities to learn how to be musical.

A brand new app named On the Music Path looks to agree with this sentiment and help to try to bring a whole new horizon of education within the iOS consumer's grasp.
"... On the Music Path is an iPad app that offers in-depth lessons from world-renowned musicians on how to play the guitar, piano, drums and bass, including:Jackson Browne on fingerstyle guitar, Ravi Shankar on the sitar, Richard Thompson on acoustic rock guitar, Vonda Shepard on piano for singers, Lee Ritenour on jazz guitar, Leland Sklar on the bass, Kenny Sultan on the blues, Scott Tennant on classical guitar, Steve Postell on the fundamentals of how to play the guitar, and many, many others." -- VIA On The Path Developer Blog

With lessons ranging in price from $1.99 to $19.99, you will get the best one-on-one instructional videos available on the market, all shot in glorious high definition.  Each individual lesson will clock in at a length of anywhere from 45 to 85 minutes long and will allow users the chance to get some of the best education that money can buy.

While yes, the pricetag may seem a little steep, know that there are several lessons that are included in the application's base price, just so you can get an idea of what can be expected from each lesson.  If you have ever been curious about where to start learning an instrument, this would be the perfect place to start.  Plus, lets face it, if you are learning from a video, you don't need to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of a classroom full of students!

On the Music Path

iPad App - Designed for iPad
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