Mobigame's Edge Makes it Back to the iOS

Posted by Carter Dotson on November 15th, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Edge, by Mobigame, has had one of the most peculiar histories on the App Store, thanks to its name. The short version, for those uninitiated, is that a man named Tim Langdell had the trademark for the word "Edge" thanks to his company Edge Games, which largely existed to sue other entities trying to release games with the word "Edge" in their name. Langdell threatened legal action to Mobigame over their game Edge, which led to Mobigame pulling the game from the App Store and occasionally re-releasing it under names like "Edgy" and "Edge by Mobigame," only to pull it again as their fight with Langdell continued, until May of 2010 when the game was finally re-released. And, as of October 11th, Langdell has lost the trademark to the word Edge, thanks in part to him taking on EA for their release of the game Mirror's Edge, he lost his trademark based on falsified evidence submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office to originally claim the 'Edge' trademark.

So with the name of their game in the clear, Mobigame can safely get on to promoting and updating Edge without fear of legal repurcussion, and update it they have! Mobigame not only claims that the game is "Faster, Better, Stronger!" thanks to increased performance, but now the game gives you the next five levels unlocked at a time instead of just one, so if you get stuck you can skip around to other levels instead of being stuck with the very next level. However, the meat of this update comes in the form of support for not just the Retina Display, but the app is now Universal, so iPad owners can play it in fullscreen. While jailbroken iPad users who were able to force the game to run in iPad mode know that the game already ran exceptionally well, now all iPad users can enjoy the game in fullscreen without any kind of jailbreaking and other hacking involved.

Mobigame isn't just sharing the post-release support love with Edge, either. Their tangram-inspired puzzle game Cross Fingers will similarly get Universal support, along with 150 new levels to be added to that game. Along with Edge in the clear of trademark violations, it is a good time to be an owner of Mobigame's products.


+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2009-01-04 :: Category: Game


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