After a quick call to the court of arbitration for counting in Vienna, we can now reveal that the winner of last week's game of the week award is the really rather brilliant Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

It's a gorgeous-looking, super-slick puzzling platformer, and while it sometimes rests on its leaping-laurels, there's so much here to love that it'd be churlish to blame it for sometimes just being a really good platformer instead of a great one. What sort of things are we talking about though?

Well, for one thing the game is never afraid to mix together its mechanics. Once you've learned how to do two things, you'll often find yourself doing them together, playing around with the new skills you've been given to unlock new areas and find new secrets.

Those skills involve manipulating the world around you with a magic pen. As you find new ways to exploit the levels, the game grows with you. As you start to understand it better, it starts to get smarter. And quite frankly that's a real joy to behold.

The controls work brilliantly on touchscreen as well - you drag on the screen to use your pen, drawing up platforms, stretching vines taut, and much, much more. It might have been out on other systems before, but it's clearly been redesigned with the limitations of mobile in mind.

We imagine you probably want to give the game a go now if you haven't already, and if you click this link you can grab the game from the App Store. And, if you're interested in what last week's game of the week was, you can click here to find that out too.

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