Matchy Catch is a new hyper-casual puzzler from Jyamma Games, the Italian studio behind the Pong-inspired puzzle-adventure Hi-Ball Rush. It’s only the developer’s second game for iOS and Android devices, but it promises to be every bit as fun and addictive as its hit debut release.

Sporting a refreshingly simple interface, Matchy Catch is all about sequence reproduction. Players are presented with a sequence of objects to memorise and attempt to recreate using their touchscreen. This plays out across a series of challenging levels where there are combos to master and bonuses to bag along the way to boost your overall score.

Power-ups are also available to boost players’ progress through the levels, with Rainbow Hammer and Lightning capable of simplifying the configuration of the sequences, and Spawn Freeze useful for buying you extra time on the current stage.

The game’s sequences are made up of objects called symbols, and they’re what the whole thing is based on. Users can customise and personalise their symbols by switching their appearance and background to different categories. These even include seasonal themes for Christmas and Halloween.

Based in Milan, Jyamma Games is a relative newcomer to mobile gaming, having arrived on the scene earlier this year with the release of Hi-Ball Rush. The studio rallied behind the #PlayApartTogether initiative when the COVID-19 outbreak hit Europe, and has made it its mission to deliver high quality, competitive casual games to the masses.

Matchy Catch is available now on Google Play and the App Store.

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