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Have you just picked up LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham and never played a LEGO game before? it plays a lot like previous LEGO games, so if you follow along and try different characters for different puzzles you'll eventually get the hang of it.The in-game guide is pretty good, but here are a few more tips to get you started.

The Basics

  • There are two control settings: Casual and Virtual D-Pad -Forget the Casual Controls and go for the Virtual D-Pad. While only having to worry about tapping with one finger might sound nice, the game sometimes has trouble differentiating between when you want to move, build, or select your character. The Virtual D-Pad allows you to have separate buttons for those actions.
  • Each button can have several jobs -Things like the character portrait and action buttons have multiple functions. For example, to switch characters you have to tap the character portrait. To add a new party member you'll hold the character portrait until the wheel of heros shows up. Lastly, to change your suit/powers hold the power icon directly below your character portrait.
  • Follow the green brick road -If you get stuck, remember that the green studs will show you the way to the next part of your mission.

Things To Remember

  • Hacking is as easy as connecting the dots -To hack a console you must match the colors by dragging from one color to the next. You’ll get more points if you can manage to light up all the spaces.
  • Keep an eye out for Plastic Man spots -There are red bricks hidden throughout the story levels of the game, but you’ll need access to Plastic Man to get a lot of them. You can find Plastic Man on level 6: The Lantern Menace. The red bricks unlock cheats such as stud multipliers and disguises. You can buy four of them in the store, but you’ll have to find the rest on your own.
  • There is a ton to unlock -Don't worry about finding every little secret on the first pass.You'll eventually be able to replay a level in Free Mode with new characters that can reach new areas. Between searching for the 250 gold bricks, 10 minikits, 20 red bricks, and tons of character and vehicle tokens, there are plenty of reasons to explore a stage all over again.
  • Make sure to finish a level before quitting -The game only saves at the end of a level. If you close the game while in the middle of one you'll have to start it all over again.
  • Smash everything -When all else fails, just break everything. There are often necessary items or bonuses hidden within objects. Don't worry about the repairs; Batman can always get Alfred to clean up later.

LEGO® Batman™: Beyond Gotham

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2015-06-25 :: Category: Game


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