Knights Chronicle guide - How to get crystals without spending money

Posted by Campbell Bird on August 31st, 2018
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In Knights Chronicle, crystals are king. There are certainly other important forms of currency or consumables out there (i.e. gold, stamina, etc.), but crystals are they key to progress in the game. Without crystals, you can't summon new heroes, and without new heroes, you're really limited in terms of how far you can progress.

Luckily, Knights Chronicle is pretty good about doling out crystals, provided you know where to look for them. See below for all these ways you can earn crystals without spending any money in Knights Chronicle.

Do your dailies

The most consistent way of earning crystals is by doing all of your daily missions every day. Most of these missions grant you a bunch of useful materials already, so completing them all is already in your best interest. As a bonus though, clearing all of your daily missions gives you 10 free crystals.

Ten crystals may not sound like a whole lot, but it's something that definitely adds up over time. Also, there are times in Knights Chronicle where certain events have their own daily missions that grant even more bonus crystals. For example, some events have granted crystals for participating in guild dungeons or clearing Advent dungeons daily, which have added 10 more crystals each for you to earn daily.

Pump up that arena team

Aside from getting a drip of crystals from daily missions, Knights Chronicle's Arena is the best way to earn crystals quickly. You can win hundreds of crystals each week through the Arena Mode, but this is highly dependent on how good your Arena team is.

Winning in Arena earns you points, and your points determine which tier of competition you're in. The higher tier you're in at the end of the week, the more crystals you earn. It's that simple. Just make sure you prioritize Arena-focused heroes like Cain to make sure you can net a good set of wins each week.

Level up everyone

There are a bunch of heroes in Knights Chronicle that you may not want to use on your team, but you should still try to level them up anyway. The first time you level up any character in the game to their max level, you receive crystals as a reward. Just like with daily missions, these rewards may not come in huge quantities, but they definitely add up.

Something important to note about these rewards is that they apply to each evolution level of each hero. So, even though you may have already max leveled a four star version of a hero, evolving them to five stars can let you earn more crystals again, provided you haven't already max leveled that character before. All told, leveling up every hero to max can get you thousands of crystals for free.

Clear Adventure Mode

If you're playing Knights Chronicle and looking for ways to earn crystals, but haven't yet cleared the game's Adventure Mode, what are you doing? Get on that! This single-player mode might be a little brainless and tedious, but it lets you level up your account rank quickly and rewards you with tons of rewards, including crystals.

Each tier of the Adventure Mode (Easy, Normal, Hard) holds 396 crystals for you to earn. They may not come all that quickly, as each set of crystals comes in tiny handfuls at the end of each mission. That said, it's pretty easy to power through most of these levels if you've got a set of Advent-ready heroes.

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