Kingdom Rush Vengeance Update Guide 3 - What you need to know about the Halloween Update

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 24th, 2019
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Kingdom Rush: Vengeance now has gotten three updates. It started with the Subaquatic Menace back in February, followed by The Frozen Nightmare in May. And just yesterday, a Halloween update went live featuring three new stages, four new enemies, a premium hero, and a premium tower.

After playing through this latest update, I can safely say it’s the most satisfying content addition to the game so far. Read on for why that is.

New enemies require new strategy

The biggest change that comes with this Halloween update is the enemies. There are some that can only take magic damage, others that snowball in power the longer they are on the map, and yet others that deal true damage to to all of your defensive units.

These new kinds of enemies pretty much force you to consider new builds and tactics for your defense, which is a welcome departure from the rest of the game. You can complete the bulk of Kingdom Rush Vengeance using the same towers and heroes, but here you really have to think about how to overcome these specialized enemy types. It’s a welcome change that I hope continues on in the future.

Maps have new features

Another game-changer from this Halloween update is levels that have a couple of unique features that can also change the way you play the game. Some build sites have thorns that you have to pay to clear out, though they regrow over time. As far as I could tell, thorns that regrow over your towers don’t prevent them from doing damage, but you do have to pay to clear thorns again if you want to upgrade your towers.

The new stages in this update also feature laser towers that can help you take down enemies. You just simply tap on them, and they operate a lot like mini versions of the Blazing Gem tower. The only problem is, they burn out over time and you have to wait to recharge them before you can use them again.

Dynamic stage features like these add layers to Kingdom Rush Vengeance that it didn’t previously have, which is awesome. The only problem though is that these things (and the new enemies) are limited to just the three new stages in this Halloween update.

Is it worth buying?

By itself, I’m not sure this Halloween-y update will suddenly sell you on Kingdom Rush Vengeance. But, if a lack of variety or content made you wary of the game at launch, there’s no better time to hop into the game. This is now the third update to Kingdom Rush Vengeance, which has added in total nine new levels, 17 new enemies, four heroes, and two towers to the game.

This is mostly all free content, too. The heroes and towers may be premium unlocks, but what adds the most variety to the experience is truly the new levels and enemies. Considering the game is also on sale for $3, there’s a lot to like about picking the game up now more than ever.

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