Kingdom Rush Vengeance guide - Is the Subaquatic Menace Update Worth It?

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 28th, 2019
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Kingdom Rush Vengeance recently added more content to its already pretty packed tower defense game. This update, called Subaquatic Menace, promises more levels, heroes and towers for you to play with.

For fans of Kingdom Rush Vengeance, this is much welcome news, but this update might not exactly be all it’s cracked up to be. After playing through all of the content that Subaquatic Menace has to offer, I can confidently say it won’t sell you on the game if you haven’t already picked it up, and its additions will only make a big difference to diehard completionists.

The package

On its face, Subaquatic Menace sounds like a great update. New levels, heroes, towers, enemies, and achievements are just about everything you could hope for. These additions are severely limited though. There are only three new levels, a handful of new achievements and enemies, and exactly one new hero and tower in this update. It's also worth noting that the hero and tower are both paid content, so you have to spend money to even use them.

It’s not all bad though. The new levels are pretty grueling. Although they’re the same 15 waves as most levels in the core game, they continue pushing the difficulty curve past Kingdom Rush Vengeance’s original end point. If that’s not enough challenge for you, this update also welcomes a fourth difficulty, Impossible Mode, to Kingdom Rush Vengeance, which adds more replay value (and, of course, adversity) to all of the game’s new and existing levels.

How does this change things?

The Subaquatic Menace honestly doesn’t feel like it changes Kingdom Rush Vengeance very much at all, especially if you’re not on board to pay for the game’s new hero or tower. There’s just more of this game to play. The added Impossible Mode also adds some longevity to the game, but that will likely only make a difference to dedicated players who don't mind revisiting the old stuff.

There’s something to be said about this update’s new enemies and levels, which do pose some novel situations for you to navigate. That said, I found myself getting through them relatively fine using an only slightly modified set of towers that I had found success with in previous content. I did find that I had to switch out heroes too, as I needed some more anti-air support that my previously preferred heroes didn’t provide.

Should you buy Kingdom Rush Vengeance?

The simple answer to this question is yes, since Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a great game even without this Subaquatic Menace add-on. But, if you had reservations about the game that prevented you from buying it, it’s unlikely that anything in this new update will change that. The game continues the trend of offering up paid content, and what’s here that's free will probably only appeal to folks that are already big fans of the game looking for reasons to go back. Nothing in the Subaquatic Menace content changes things up so much that Kingdom Rush Vengeance feels new and improved. It just feels like more of the same, and not even that much more.

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