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Fighting your way through Implosion’s many, many levels isn’t difficult to figure out - by which I mean it won’t take long to learn the ropes - but the Ark System it uses to manage your upgrades never really gets a proper explanation. So rather than trying to feel your way around, how about you let us show you the ropes?

The Basics

The Ark System is split into four sections where you can equip different systems you find or purchase - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Lambda. All systems can affect your power or endurance, along with other systems unique to their category.

  • Alpha - 2 slots. Tends to focus on passive attack bonuses like critical rates and ballistics damage. Some upgrades also affect your shield power and can increase item drop rates.

  • Beta - 2 slots. More defense-oriented with upgrades that increase amor, agility, and shield repair.

  • Gamma - 2 slots. Emphasizes things like HP recovery, “Rage,” and restorative powers. Some upgrades can also include the Hack ability, which will be necessary to access certain locked rooms in various levels.

  • Lambda - 1 slot. These upgrades grant entirely new special abilities, such as creating a temporary shield or triggering an area-effect attack.

Managing the Ark System

  • Sell whatever you don’t need or want - Upgrades left sitting in your inventory just make it more difficult to figure out what you want to equip later. There’s nothing wrong with saving a few so that you have a little flexibility but you’ll end up with a bunch that are just wasted space. Better to sell them off to free up space and make a little extra money.

  • Make sure to keep a Hack upgrade handy - Some levels have locked rooms that can only be opened with the Hack ability. These are always worth opening because they tend to contain some good upgrade drops, lots of money, or both. Sometimes you’ll also need to unlock them to earn a badge for the stage.

  • Use the shop - It’s hidden away in the individual menus for each upgrade, but you can find the shop’s icon at the top-right of the screen when looking at your inventory for a given group. If you tap on it you’ll see all the upgrades that are currently for that group (Alpha, Gamma, etc), and can purchase anything that looks good.

  • Pay attention to level requirements - You’ll inevitably find upgrades that are meant for a level higher than your current one, and you can spot them by the red level numbers they’ll display in the top-left corner of their icon. Note that sometimes a high level upgrade isn’t necessarily going to be more powerful than what you’ve already got.

  • Color matters - Blue upgrades are the most common, orange are usually better overall, red are even better than that, and so on. Chances are once you’re stocked up on a few oranges or reds the blues you find will be useless, so don’t hesitate to sell them off.

  • Badges make a difference - Some of the requirements to unlock badges can be tough, but earning them is worth it. Every time you acquire a set number of badges you’ll be able to unlock something fancy from the Badge Reward menu - like a really powerful upgrade, lots of money, or even a new mech to play with.

Implosion - Never Lose Hope

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Released: 2015-04-08 :: Category: Game


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