Genshin Impact - How to Beat Tartaglia (Childe)

Posted by Campbell Bird on November 19th, 2020
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In the 1.1 update to Genshin Impact, the final chapter to the story arc in Liyue reaches its climax with a fight against Tartaglia (AKA Childe), one of the Fatui Harbingers. We won't go into detail as to why this is or the circumstances of the world around the fight to avoid potentially spoiling anything more than we already have, but we wanted to post a guide on the Tartaglia boss fight because it is easily one of the toughest parts of the game to-date.

If you've been struggling to win this fight, particularly on mobile, check out the video above and some tips below on how you can win this fight and continue on your quest.

He hits hard

Any boss in Genshin Impact can kill you if you aren't being careful, but this is doubly true for the Childe fight. He can cut down your strongest adventurers with just a few hits, so you need to really focus on dodging his attacks. If you're unsure of what his attacks will be, just play extra cautiously until you get a sense of his attack pattern so you can make strikes safely.

A bonus tip is to whip out a bow user if you have one for this fight. Many of Childe's attacks have a limited range to them and it's easier to chip away at his health from a distance to avoid being hit.

Take your time

Unlike almost any other boss, Childe seems ok with a fight that drags on. This is to say there is no time limit on the fight or any super-powerful attacks that come out if you take too long at chipping down his health bar. Without time pressure, you can focus on dodging and even revive multiple characters across the fight if you mess up and get hit too much.

Multiple forms

As you can see in the video above, fighting Childe is more like fighting three bosses since he changes form twice, resetting his health bar each time. His first form is his default hydro kit that somewhat mimics his play style if you manage to wish for him during this month's limited banner.

After beating that form, he undergoes a transformation where he uses electro attacks, while his final form ends up being a mix of both hydro and electro attacks. This can be helpful knowledge in picking your team for the fight, though I found that triggering elemental reactions on Childe is quite difficult considering the amount of dodging you need to do during the fight.

Dodging the whale

One of the most painful attacks Childe unleashes across this fight is a hydro attack where a whale breaches through the ground and deals massive damage on impact. Considering the size of the whale (and the attack's somewhat invisible splash damage radius), you need to make sure you're as far away from it as possible when it lands.

I found that dashing toward the edge of the fighting ring closest to Childe seems to be the safest place to go during this attack, as the whale moves away from Childe during its animation.

Complete so you can repeat

Aside from being a major part of the story, it's important to beat Childe for the first time because doing so unlocks this fight as a new Trounce Domain you can complete weekly for ultra-rare drops like five star artifacts and weapon prototypes. Luckily, this repeatable fight allows for co-op, which can make the fight against Childe a little bit easier, provided you have the right allies working with you.

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