Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is live and players have already started exploring the island once again. This time, giant purple cubes (Kevin the Cube) have been scattered all over the place. The cubes are entrances to a new place known as Sideways.

So, what are Sideways? Simply put, Sideways are essentially an alternate universe loaded with Cube Monsters. The place defies gravity, has minimal shelters and can be accessed via a portal.

How to enter the Sideways?

Players can enter the Sideways through the Sideways Zones or Anomalies. The simplest way to enter the dark place is through the zones.

At the start of each match, one of the prominent places on the map will be marked as a zone for Sideways. To enter the Sideways, just make your way towards the huge orange bubble. Step right into it, and you are in the Sideways.

For some reason, if you cannot get into the Sideways through the orange bubble, you can look for Sideways Anomalies. The anomalies resemble small portals that are purple in colour. Of course, the anomalies pave the way to a smaller Sideways area with lesser monsters and loot.

Fortnite Sideways: What to expect?

The first thing that players will encounter in Sideways is waves of monsters. The Cube Monsters will simply lunge at you and try to ambush you. Other players can also destroy you.

Before you enter the Sideways, you might want to stack up on some gear. Build cover for yourself to block out some enemies.

Once you are into the Sideways, fight some monsters, get some loot, and get out of the place. Fortnite Sideways is not all about monsters. The items collected from there can be used to craft powerful weapons.

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