NetEase's inventive 5v5 anime MOBA, Extraordinary Ones, has now opened for pre-registration ahead of its global launch in early 2020. The game seems to have received a fairly warm reception from fans after its soft-launch earlier in the year, largely thanks to its visuals, level of polish, and fast-paced, mobile-friendly matches.

It's set in an academy called Esper School, where the pupils fight to defeat the 'Base Principal' in order to seize victory. At launch, you can expect a roster of 36 distinct heroes to collect, many of whom come from traditional Chinese mythology. New heroes are planned to release each week after launch, so hopefully the game will remain fresh for at least a decent while.

With this one, NetEase aims to deliver a fresh MOBA experience designed from the ground up for mobile devices. Gameplay is intended to be fast and reactive, with players able to utilise, for example, the teleports dotted throughout each arena in order to put together surprise attacks. You can also focus on hunting specific monsters in order to gain powerful buffs which can turn the tide of battle.

There's a handful of pre-registration rewards up for grabs, including an in-game avatar and a limited-edition hero skin at 150,000 pre-registrations. In order to get as many free rewards as possible, you can pre-register for Extraordinary Ones right now over onGoogle Play. And you can find more info about the game over on its official site.

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