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Idle Skies, from Crimson Pine games, gives you the chance to learn about the history of aviation, as you advance your flying machines from the most basic paper airplane through to the space age. It's not the most difficult game to get the hang of, but there are plenty of advanced techniques you can learn to get even better at the game.

We've put a good few hours into the game, and we reckon that we've covered enough here that you're going to be somewhere close to pole position next time you play. But, y'know, with planes. Obviously if you've got your own hints and tips feel free to let us know them in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

Want to see the rest of the tips, cheats, and tips we've published recently? Well then click on this link right now. Now tables up, seatbelts on, and we'll try and help your flight go a little bit smoother.

Let it go

Like so many other idle games, one of the keys to advancing in Idle Skies is simply by giving your planes some time to build up a store of gold. It'll be slow progess at first, but stepping away for a while will give you a hefty supply of coin to start upgrading your planes and moving forward.

Idle Skies seems especially geared towards waiting for your wealth to acquire, as there's no way to click to earn extra wealth. While many similar games would include a clicker element that allows you to tap the screen for more coin, Idle Skies is really all about, well, being idle. So don't feel guilty about walking away from the game and checking in only occasionally.

Spread the wealth around

Once you do earn up a tidy pile of gold, you'll want to work on upgrading your various planes. While you can spread around your upgrades however you want, it's worth focusing on the smaller planes first. It's cheaper to level them up than the larger planes, and while they don't earn as much, they often earn much faster than their bigger cousins. If you have a good reserve of gold stored up, you can purchase multiple levels at a time.

Take advantage of gifts

The game has a few different freebies that can help you along in your process, and even more if you're willing to watch a few ads. The most helpful is the time bonus, which will increase your profit for a short time. It shows up fairly frequently, and is always free. There's also a daily gift, and if you login frequently enough you can get some useful rewards. Watching an ad will also give you a chance at the spin wheel, which will increase your income even more.

Consider scrapping your planes

While it may seem counterintuitive, sometimes starting over is the best way to advance forward. After you've reached a certain point, the game will offer the chance to reset your progress in exchange for engineers. Doing so will indeed make you start over from the beginning, but you'll also earn a speed boost for it. Obviously you don't want to do this too often, since your ultimate goal is to advance to the end, but a couple of times can help make your progress that much easier.

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