Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga screenshot - Some of the cute critters

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is the latest game in King's long line of sagas. It's a match-stuff puzzler, as you might expect, but it's got a few new twists on the already established formula that, while they do keep things fresh, are likely to come as a bit of a shock to long time players. Don't you fret though, because this guide to everything you need to know to win in the game is going to help you out no end.

We've played the game for a long while, so you can bet that we know what we're talking about. If you've also stuck some hours into Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga and you've got your own hints, tips, and tricks to share, then we'd love to hear all about them in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

Click here and you can check out all of the other game guides we've been making. They're all really good, and if you play a lot of mobile games we bet there are some hints and tips in there that are going to help you out. Before you look at those, though, let's check out some tricks for Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga.

Keep your special moves

When the game explains how special move pieces - rockets, bombs, and the like - work, it teaches you to use them as soon as they're on the board. A smarter player uses them when they need them, saving them in reserve to aid them in tricky situations that there isn't another way out of.

Levels where you've got thin strips of grid are especially good for this trick. Get your rockets in the right place and you can clear a whole line of gems in one fell swoop. If you're trying to get one of the pets down to a life-saver, it's the best way to do it without resorting to move-wasting two-gem clears.

Use your pets

When you've lost a level, head to your island home and see if any of your pets would like to play. If they've got an item in a thought bubble above their head, they do. Tap on that critter, and select the object they were thinking about, and they'll have a lovely old time for a little while. Then, more importantly, you'll get one chunk of life restored.

Sometimes you won't get lucky, and there won't be any pets wanting to play. Don't waste any coins if that's the case - you can still make your pets play, but there's no reward in it for you. Save your money for when you can actually make a difference.

Change the direction

When there's a rocket match on the board, it'll be shown with arrows on the gems. Look at those arrows carefully, because they'll show you the direction the rocket is going to fire off in. You can change that if you're smart though.

Make another match somewhere on the board that isn't going to change the number of gems in the potential rocket, and when you're done you'll notice that the arrows have changed to from horizontal to vertical, or vice versa. It's a super handy trick if you want to use a rocket for a specific purpose.

Which way are the blocks going?

It's important on some levels to know which way the blocks are going to fall, and which way some of the stricken pets are going to move. This is especially important on levels where there's a path that the creatures follow - sometimes they can get stuck if you're not paying attention.

Once you know the direction the blocks are moving in, you can alter your strategy so that sticky situations don't crop up. While Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is a simple game, that doesn't mean you can stop paying attention to the finer details - especially if you want to get the best scores possible.

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