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Knights of the Card Table is a really clever, solitaire dungeon crawler that's not just crammed to the gills with monsters to fight and loot to find, it's also got one of the biggest hearts of any game we've seen on the App Store. We definitely think you should play it, but we want to make sure you're as clued up as you can be beforehand, which is where these tips and tricks come in.

We've put a good few hours into the game, so we definitely know what we're talking about here. That said, if you've got your own hints and tips to bring to the party, we'd love to hear them. Drop them in the comments section at the bottom of the article and we'll all be able to get better at the game, which is only going to make things more fun.

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Change the order

You don't have to deal with the cards in the order they come in - unless there's a card with a lock in the deal, you can clear them in whatever order you please. In other words you don't have to take on that monster straight away when you've only got one health bar remaining. You can grab some health and boosts if there are any on the screen, and give yourself a better chance of winning the fight.

You can also use this skill to get new cards into play. Got a big monster to fight but you'd like to toughen up before you take them on? Get rid of some non-essential cards and new ones will pop up from the deck. Get lucky and you'll be able to buff yourself up before taking on the tough foe.

Know your weapons

You'll unlock new weapons as you play, and then you'll be quite surprised that they're not that useful. That's not the case though - you can swap weapons on the fly by tapping on your character card. Sure, the mace might start off with a -2 to its roll, but that doesn't mean it's always going to stay that way.

When you've got a decent boost going, and some tough monsters to take on, you can swap to a more powerful weapon that's no longer being nerfed by its base stats. Use the mace, then change back to a more reliable weapon when your boost is used up.

Do the math

It's important to work out which enemies to take down with which weapons. For example, a monster with 2 hit points is best dealt with by rolling a four-sided die - there's a 75% chance you're going to kill it with a roll from a d4, and only a 66% chance you're going to kill it with a d6.

Working out which rolls are going to bring out the best outcomes is key here. It's tempting to chuck out a big d8, even when it does have minus attributes, but the simple fact is, it's not going to help you out - killing a 2hp monster with a -2 d8 roll means you have to roll a four or above to succeed. That's just over 50-50.

Make some matches

There are bonuses to be earned from clearing three cards of the same type in the row. Drink three health potions, for example, and you'll get a bunch of extra gold. There are other avenues to explore as well, and as the game gets tougher you'll need to use the matches to your advantage if you want to stay alive.

Learn what the different cards do when matched in threes, and also keep an eye out on your dice. Roll three of the same number in a row and you'll be granted a boost too. Sometimes it's worth chancing an attack on a more powerful opponent, just in case you roll a third of the same number and get a huge boost to your attack.

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