Earn to Die 2: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Outracing Those Zombies

Posted by Jennifer Allen on December 2nd, 2014
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Day 148:
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Just bought Earn to Die 2 and could do with some advice on what to focus on and just what to do? Never fear for we’ve got you covered! While Earn to Die 2 doesn’t require a conventional walkthrough, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can make your path to salvation a bit simpler.

General Tips

Earn to Die 2 offers quite a few buttons, but you don’t actually have to manipulate your vehicle as much as you’d expect.
  • Little taps of the left or right rotation button on the side of the screen will help the most here.

  • Don’t overdo it as you’ll just flip your vehicle and potentially damage it.

  • Do, however, keep your finger on the acceleration button. If you slow to a stop, it’s game over, whether you’ve got fuel left or not.

  • Use the boost button sparingly as you’ve only got a limited supply. An ideal moment to activate it is when you’re just about to go up a ramp. You can go flying up it, giving you some much needed air and covering plenty of distance.

  • Once you’ve upgraded sufficiently, be careful about hitting any barriers too hard. While you want to keep your speed up, you want to avoid losing any parts of your vehicle.

  • Vehicles can be destroyed with wheels, boosters, and more coming off them. That can easily affect how far you’re going to get on your latest run.

  • You can buy extra fuel before a session but you want to do this sparingly.

  • Don’t bother buying fuel early on. Instead, focus on buying upgrades with that money.

  • Use the extra fuel when you’ve very nearly reached a checkpoint on a previous run but can’t quite make it. Often, it’ll get you there without much trouble.


Ideally, you want to try to keep things balanced when it comes to upgrading. However, some things will seem more appealing than others.
  • An Engine upgrade means you can accelerate faster as well as benefit from better fuel efficiency. Both are great for making progress faster, so try to make this a priority early on.

  • Upgrading the Transmission increases your maximum speed. Again, it’s pretty useful as more speed means you cover more distance.

  • New Wheels means better grip, which leads to being able to go uphill more effectively. In early levels this isn’t such a big deal, but later stages tend to be more hilly, making wheels a much more important upgrade.

  • Buying a Gun means you can automatically shoot at zombies until you run out of ammo. Ammo supplies are always very limited, and while you’ll earn more money this way, it’s not overly helpful. Leave a gun upgrade till last.

  • Buying a Booster is great. It’s relatively inexpensive and means you can speed up through certain obstacles or over ramps. It doesn’t last long so it’s not as useful as an Engine upgrade, but it’s still pretty handy and worth upgrading occasionally.

  • A Weight change mans your vehicle’s weight is redistributed, meaning it’s easier to break through stuff like barriers and zombies. It’s a subtle improvement but moderately useful, especially if you keep finding yourself getting stuck amongst blockades.

  • Armor means you’re less likely to be significantly damaged when crashing through stuff. It’s not an early priority, but soon enough you’ll find you’re failing because your vehicle is falling apart. This is when an armor upgrade is essential.

  • Upgrading the Fuel Tank is pretty self-explanatory. More fuel means you can travel further, which is the whole point of the game. It’s an important one.

  • Once you’ve maxed-out everything, you gain an extra engine boost so make sure you don’t bother stockpiling any money. Earn to Die 2 is designed in a way that means it expects you to mostly max everything out in order to move onto the next stage.

    Earn to Die 2

    + Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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