Dragalia Lost Daily Tasks Guide

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 16th, 2018
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Part of what makes gacha games compelling (and sometimes annoying) is their grind. You’re always supposed to be advancing something in these games, meaning you need to be checking in on your progress once or multiple times a day to make sure you’re progressing at an optimal pace.

Something nice about Dragalia Lost is that its daily grind is relatively light compared to similar games. This is to say the specific objectives given to you every day aren’t something that takes a huge time investment. That said though, there’s quite a few tasks you should be doing every day to advance your progress, even though they aren’t daily quests. See below:

Check your max Might

As you upgrade your Adventurers, Wyrmprints, weapons, and dragons, your heroes will constantly increase their Might level, and having a higher Might level can let you take on ever higher levels of event content. Once you cross certain thresholds, like having a team of four Adventurers with 6,500 or more combined Might, you there are certain dungeons with special drops that you can’t get from lower level missions.

This sounds straightforward enough, but Dragalia Lost doesn’t do anything to let you know your highest Might team unless you take things into your own hands. In light of this, make sure you take some time every day to use the Optimize button in the Team’s menu to build out your highest Might team possible. It could very well unlock a new tier full of new special goodies for you to start collecting.

Event Quests

If the Loyalty’s Requiem event is any indication, every Dragalia Lost event that comes along will also be coming with its own set of event quests. So, in addition to doing your daily quests regularly for the game, you’ll want to add whatever other special missions from this event on your todo list.

Even if you’re more concerned with doing other in-game things, you should focus on special event rewards in particular for a couple reasons. First is that they’re time-limited. You can go through Dragalia Lost’s campaign at any time, but you can’t lead a co-op raid any time you want. Secondly, the rewards for event content seem like they’ll always be pretty great. For Loyalty’s Requiem, for example, completing the three daily Endeavors for the event gave you 100 Wyrmite and 50 Eldwater, a healthy chunk of two of the best resources in the game.

Prune your friends list

It’s good to have friends in Dragalia Lost, but there’s no reason to clog up your friends list with a bunch of people who aren’t playing the game much. The obvious reason for doing this is because when you call on a friend to play with, you want to be sure they’ll be a character that’s highly upgraded, but there’s also an extra benefit to keeping your friends list full of actives.

Each day, Dragalia Lost gives you a reward of Mana based on how many people have used your helper on a quest, and you’ll earn more Mana if your friends list is full of active players who may look to your helper to get through a mission. To filter through your active vs. inactive friends, you can go to your friends list and actually use the sort button to sort players by the last time they logged in. Remove people who haven’t played in a few days to open up space for more friends you may get while playing that day.

Make wise investments

In Dragalia Lost, it’s important to spend your time wisely, but you also have to make sure you spend your Rupies wisely. These little coins you get from just about every mission (and your castle mines) feel like they’re a near infinite resource early on in the game, but quickly become something you need to make sure you’re shrewd with.

This doesn’t mean you should just hoard Rupies, though. To the contrary, Dragalia Lost has quite a few items you can buy using Rupies, but you can only buy so many each day, and investing in these can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Generally speaking, a sound investment is to buy Consecrated Water every day, as it’s the only upgrade resource that you have no way of grinding for through missions. Otherwise, if you have a really powerful dragon, it can’t hurt to buy the full suite of dragon gifts every day, as those can let you increase your transform time and get a ton of bonus materials. Of course, if you’re prioritizing weapon development or some other thing at the moment, it’s smarter to invest in Gold Whetstones or whatever else will help you the most in that moment.

Just be careful not to overspend! Running low on Rupies really drags down your progression, so buy what you need, but try to avoid spending unsustainable amounts of Rupies.

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