Disney Emoji Blitz: tips and tricks to get higher scores

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on July 20th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Here's a formula that sounds like it was made for success: Disney plus cute emojis plus match-3 gameplay.

You can stop coding now though, because someone has already beaten you to it. Disney recently released Disney Emoji Blitz on the App Store to enthusiastic response, which is no surprise considering how it combines some very accessible (and adorable) elements.

Nothing in the game is particularly revolutionary, as it features a number of mechanics seen in other match-3 games. Still, if this is your first time playing one, or it's just been a while, we've got some tips and tricks to help you get higher scores than you might venturing into this colorful world of emojis on your own.

Speed matters more than making precise moves

Unlike other match-3 games where you have a limited number of moves, Disney Emoji Blitz is a race against the clock. Sure, you can take a second to scan the board for possible combos or places where you can match four or five emojis instead of three, but in general, you want to match as quickly as possible and move on.

BONUS TIP: You don't have to wait until a match resolves completely to start on the next one. If you see an area of the board where another match can be made and isn't affected by what's going on where you just made a match, get to swiping.

When in doubt, match your character's emoji

Every time you make a match with the emoji you've chosen as a character, it helps fill the meter that allows you to activate that character's special power. No matter which character you use, the goal should be to activate the power multiple times in a level if possible.

Thus, if you've got a choice between your character and any other match, go with who you brought to the party -- unless we're talking about passing up a match of five like symbols, in which case the power-up you get is worth it.

Blitz Mode is everything

The meter with the rainbow icon determines how soon Blitz Mode activates. During that time, you can really rack up points, and your goal should simply be to match as fast as humanly possible. Yes, even faster than you were already going.

Obviously, then, you can throw some of the advice above out the window for a few seconds. Don't take time to think or plan, just match like crazy, throw any special symbols on the board around, and go for broke.

A quick guide to power-ups

Making certain matches will leave a power-up symbol on the board. Here's a quick overview of all of them:

  • Storm cloud: Created when you match four emojis in a row or column, the cloud will then clear the entire row if you swipe it left or right or column if you swipe it up or down.
  • Sun: The Sun emoji is like the cloud's more powerful sibling, as it clears both the row and column you swipe it into.
  • Star: Made when you match five of the same emojis, the Star can be a true game-changer. Swipe it with any adjacent emoji to clear all like symbols on the board.

BONUS TIP: You may have arrived at this conclusion on your own, but swapping the Star with your character's emoji is always a good move if possible, as it can fill the special meter in a single swipe.

There's a bit more strategy that can come into play in Disney Emoji Blitz, but the tips and tricks above should give you a very solid foundation to improve your scores. Happy matching!

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