We City Completes The "We" Trilogy

Posted by Chris Hall on September 24th, 2010

ngmoco:), the company that has dominated the freemium category on the iPhone thus far, has today added We City to its collection of "We" games. For those that weren't aware, the original two games, "We Rule" and "We Farm" have been hugely successful, but were primarily relegated to things like farming and raising livestock. After the explosion of Farmville on Facebook, the masses haven't had any complaints about virtual farming as a source of entertainment, but I have always had bigger aspirations.

Like the clueless people in the Windows commercial saying that they "created Windows 7", I have created We City. I was tired of planting crops and taking my pig to the county fair. I didn't care how many people bought things from my farm because in the end, I was still stuck on the farm. I wouldn't exactly label myself an urban socialite, but I don't live on a farm, nor do I ever aspire to. I live in the city, and gosh darnit, I want to build an urban utopia.

Like the other "We" games before it though, the formula is exactly the same. Click on a building to start whatever it does, click on it again to finish its objective or use the instant item "zap" to make things happen fast. If you become impatient and wish you had a real game to play, you can always buy more "zap" and pretend you are playing Sim City.

The launch of We City lends me to another thought altogether, though. When will we have had enough of the Farmville type game? Are there enough people playing these games to populate all of their game worlds or will they just jump from one game to a newer one as they come out? I can just foresee a "We" game burnout coming, as they are now coming out at an almost inconceivable pace.

As for the game itself, it is definitely more enjoyable than the other "We" games before it, but the whole process is grating on me. I just want to sit down and play a game without having to wait an hour for an item to build. Call me crazy, but what I really want here is an MMO Sim City.

We City

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