Call of Duty Mobile’s season 5 is nearing its conclusion, and developer Activision has just dropped a teaser for the next season. The upcoming season is titled, To The Skies.

And just like the name suggests, it has a lot of aerial activities. Each season of CoD Mobile brings a new battle pass, action-packed events, operators, and maps.

To The Sky introduces Aerial Combat in Battle Royale

The most exciting feature of season 6 is the aerial combat. The update will introduce the fighter jet Jackal and an Anti-Air Gun. With these two, you can expect battle royale matches to go up in the air and get more intense.

Players can board a Jackal, which is fully loaded with missiles, decoys, and a Gatling Gun. The HUD displays other jets on the map. Players can speed up their jets and shoot down enemies with aerial weapons.

You can watch the Season 6 announcement teaser here on YouTube.

COD Mobile Season 6 reveals new map Favela

The new multiplayer map Favela has been borrowed from Call of Duty: Ghosts. Favela is inspired by the slums of Rio de Janeiro. As the map has multiple layers and is cluttered, players can engage in close-quarter combat.

The medium-sized map is characterized by winding lanes, rubble, and a maze-like layout. So players can hide and snipe, engage in close-up conflicts, or flank their foes tactically.

New Season 6 Battle Pass

To The Skies will be bringing along a new battle pass. As usual, the pass will have free and premium tiers.

Free Tiers
Here are the highlights of the free tier:

  • KSP 45: The new SMG with a three-round burst can be unlocked at tier 21
  • Sky Sentry Calling Card at tier 50

Apart from this, players can unlock weapon blueprints, camos, COD Points, and more.

Premium Tiers
Here are the premium tier highlights:

  • KSP 45: The new SMG with a three-round burst
  • Operator skins including Wraith — Disruptor, Reyes — SCAR Pilot, Sophia — Shadow, and Ethan — Flying Sharks
  • Weapon blueprints for Chicom, JAK-12, Locus, and Man-O-War

Call of Duty Mobile’s new season, To The Skies, is all set to go live on June 29th at 5 PM PT. To learn more about the update, you can visit Activision’s blog. The game is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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