Bouncing Hero is a really tough but fair action game. Your pogo knight can be pretty nimble at times, but it’s up to you to steer him out of the way of fire or other obstacles, which is much easier said than done.

A lot of the game revolves around simply learning from your mistakes and training yourself to execute, but there are some generally good strategies you can use to help you do this. See below for some of key advice for bouncing through Bouncing Hero.

Don’t fear death

The penalty for dying in Bouncing Hero can be quite harsh. The game demands that you clear multiple stages in a row without losing all of your health. It also doesn't help that the last stage you have to clear is against a super tough boss before you can save your progress. This may make the prospect of dying in Bouncing Hero seem like something you want to avoid at all costs, but the more you embrace it, the better you’ll do at the game.

This is for multiple reasons. The first—and most obvious—is that if you play Bouncing Hero too cautiously, you’ll die more often. There are little other benefits too, though, like the ability to stop and look at how a level is functioning as the game over screen comes into view, or the fact that each set of stages is served up somewhat randomly, so some runs might be easier than others.

Feel the rhythm

Since your hero bounces on his own in Bouncing Hero, you need to be ready to predict the rhythm of your jumping and use it to your advantage. Whether you’re trying to boost yourself over an overhang without changing platforms or just trying to speedily outrun a wall of spikes, being able to keep your movements in sync with your jumps is essential.

If you find yourself dying a lot on any particular level, you might notice that you can sort of memorize a way through a level given your hero’s bounces. Every level has this sort of rhythmic puzzle thing going on in it, and figuring it out sooner rather than later can help you get through the game a bit more easily.

Re-tool your rhythm

If you find yourself having trouble finding the right jumping pattern to get through a level in Bouncing Hero, you can go ahead and change things up. Although your hero jumps automatically, there are a few things you can do to alter his rhythm.

Specifically, you can hide under a short overhang that prevents your hero from jumping to his full height. Going in and out of these small spaces can let you adjust the timing of your bounces, which can be the key to getting through a level unscathed. Similarly, you can wait a few beats between moves at the start of a level to try and sync up the natural jump rhythm in a way that lets you sail through a level too.

Bosses hate patience

A lot of Bouncing Hero’s stages require some pretty quick reflexes and traversal skills to do well, but bosses are a bit of a different story. Although they can seem intimidating with their unique attacks and large life bars, boss stages in Bouncing Hero can also feel like a refuge from the intensity of the rest of the stages.

Because bosses don’t really move, you can almost always take your time in taking them down. Feel free to hide under platforms to avoid fire and just watch a boss for a while to figure out how they work before going in against them. It almost always grants some good information that can help you beat bosses without having to retry too many times.

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