Botworld Adventure is an upcoming open-world RPG from developer Featherweight Games, who you might be familiar with through their previous game Rodeo Stampede. Their latest effort is currently available in select countries in soft launch but will be heading for iOS and Android globally later this year.

The game looks to combine nostalgic elements of both Pokemon and World of Warcraft into a truly open-world game. The titular Botworld promises to be massive with 12 distinct zones for players to explore, with each housing the decaying remains of a lost civilisation.

Players will call Scavenger's Landing home. Here they will meet a host of different characters alongside working to build up their businesses and create a team of bots to participate in numerous fighting tournaments.

To assemble this team of bots, players will need to collect scrap and discover new potential team members by exploring the open world. The bots can be upgraded using the scrap, whilst each character's powers, and abilities, can be customised to improve their combat prowess.

The combat itself plays out in a similar fashion to Auto-Chess, with the bots battling using AI. However, players can support them with a mixture of abilities to help tip the battle in their favour.

Featherweight says that Botworld Adventure's combat stands out from its contemporaries thanks to 360-degree use of the battle arena, meaning fights will feel more dynamic, rather than the two sides meeting in the middle each time.

At launch, players can choose between 30 different bots, with each bringing something different to the table. This should provide a wealth of tactics when combined with the numerous abilities at the player's disposal.

Botworld Adventure will launch globally on the App Store and Google Play later this year. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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