Best Wind characters in World Flipper

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on December 23rd, 2021

World Flipper is one of the most engaging RPGs available right now. It has anime-like characters that you get from gacha to form a team of powerful units before playing pinball!

Wind is one of the six elements in World Flipper. Wind characters are used often in teams as they lend the team ‘levitate’ ability. Some Wind units like Kamaitachi and Owlbert can be obtained for free while others, like Murakumo, can be unlocked through certain boss battles.

World Flipper: Best Wind Units

Here are some of the best Wind units in World Flipper that you can add to your Wind comp!

1. Soushiro

With 540 Gauge, Soushiro is probably the preferred Wind unit and can also lead your team. Her Slipstream Cloudrend is a powerful attack that strikes enemies from all directions. When in the lead position, Soushiro - with Hikoboshi’s Wish - lends 30% more Skill Gauge to Wind units and 80% more Skill Damage.

2. Celtie

Celtie is another popular and sought-after Wind character. Her special skill is ‘Enlil Reincarnate’, which sees her sweep her blade and deal heavy wind damage. The damage continues increasing with higher combos. Celtie has a base gauge of 340. If you put her in the lead, she will buff your attack by 60% (if your combo is more than 10). For combos that are less than 10, Celtie buffs attack by 40%.

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3. Phiria

With 500 Gauge, Phiria is one of the strongest Wind characters in World Flipper. Phiria’s special ability is Sylphiria Breeze, which restores HP to the team and lends the ‘levitate’ ability. As the leader, Phiria grants a 115% attack buff when ally HP is over 60%.

Aurore, Sha Suzu, and Arisa are some other Wind characters that can be a part of your Wind comp. World Flipper is available for free on Google Play and App Store.

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