Best Light Characters in World Flipper

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on December 29th, 2021

World Flipper is one of the best games that combines gacha, RPG, and pinball. You have to build a powerful team, collect characters, and fight in some pinball battles!

The characters in World Flipper are categorized into six elements, and Light is one of them. A Light team comp can deal heavy damage to opponents. Most of the Light teams will be led by either Ellya or Sha Suzu.

World Flipper: Best Light Units

Here’s a list of the best Light characters in World Flipper:

1. Ellya

Undoubtedly, Ellya is one of the main units for a strong Light team comp. Ellya’s special skill is ‘Luminous Splash’ where she fires light orbs at opponents. The damage inflicted goes up with the buffs that Ellya has. Additionally, she can also restore the team’s HP.

As a leader, Ellya buffs up 100% skill damage for all Light units on the team. With a skill gauge of 420, Ellya is almost irreplaceable in the squad.

2. Keira

Keira is another strong Light character that inflicts heavy damage. Her ‘Piercing Rush’ skill literally pierces through the opponents and inflicts Light damage.

As a leader, Keira provides a 50% Attack Buff for all Light units with ‘See something, Do something’. Keira has a skill gauge of 500, which makes her a great addition to the team.

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3. Razelt

Razelt is more on the defensive side. His ‘Lord’s Aegis’ skill summons a shield wall to cover the team. At the same time, he grants ‘Recover’ to his allies, increases debuff resistance, and also boosts elemental resistance.

In the lead position, Razelt increases Attack Buff by 40% for Light units, recovers HP (4% to 40%), and increases Dark Resistance (1.5% to 15%). To create a well-balanced team, Razeit is a must-have on your team. He has a skill gauge of 530.

Apart from these characters, Finn with his Glistening Edge and 500 skill gauge is a great alternative. As far as armaments are concerned, Whitetail’s Axe, Old Staff, Canyon Consul, Memory Mirage, and Uninscribed Gauntlet are some of the preferred options.

World Flipper is available on Google Play and App Store for free.

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