Finally, the much-awaited FPS, Battlefield Mobile, has rolled out closed beta tests for Android users in India and Thailand. Players who had pre-registered for the game will receive an invite for an early sneak peek.

This is the very first playtest released by EA and Industrial Toys, the developers of Battlefield Mobile. As of now, the battle royale is still in its very early stages and doesn’t look great. Players might provide feedback to the developers about their experience.

How to Download Battlefield Mobile

Android users who have pre-registered can head over to Google Play and download the early access version of Battlefield Mobile. You have to simply click ‘install’ and jump right in.

· You can only download Battlefield Mobile if you are in India or Thailand. Of course, you can get a VPN and download it, but we don’t recommend doing that.
· Next, you need an Android device as the game is currently not available on iOS
· If you haven’t yet tapped the ‘pre-register’ button, do it. You might be invited to the playtest if more slots become available.

Currently, the game is about 600MB so it won’t eat up storage space on your phone. Your device needs to have at least 1 to 2GB of RAM to run it smoothly with better quality graphics.

Unfortunately, the closed beta test is currently available only for Android in select regions. Very soon, the developers might invite more players and make the playtest available in more regions.

What does Battlefield Mobile look like?

At the first glance, the game does look promising. As the game is still under development, it might feel ‘unfinished’ and may not look great. However, it has some amazing features like a destructible environment and war tanks.

Currently, there’s a multiplayer mode that you can try out. The matchmaking takes some time and the battles are loaded with bots. You will also notice that the weapon collection is limited. EA probably wants to focus on core mechanics and get feedback for improvement before adding more content.

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