Posted by Dann Sullivan on June 19th, 2020

As regular readers will know, in the background of 148Apps we have a hundred tiny machines whirring away, taking information from the AppStore and converting it into our extensive library of app pages. There are some truly weird and wonderful pages in there, and every so often one of them sees a little surge in popularity for some reason.

This time it’s a little different though. As you can see above, this time one of our pages ended up on TV - and not just regular TV, instead it was on HBO's fantastic news-satire show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Brilliant.

It’s truly one of the stranger apps too. Trump Hair was originally released back in September 2015 - a political lifetime ago - and allowed you to carefully place an underwhelming, golden toupee onto any images in your photo album. All of a sudden, auntie Judy has Trump Hair, the family dog has Trump Hair, racist uncle Mike has Trump Hair - what fun.

Following on from finding out the above (courtesy of 148Apps alumni and all-round nice guy Carter Dotson on Twitter) I had a quick Google and rummage through the app store, certain that I could find at least a couple of dozen equivalent apps that definitely would have released in the last five years. Surprisingly it’s incredibly murky, the AppStore swamped with dress-up, arcade and Flappy Bird style games - other apps were really quite hard to find. That was until I remembered we can search the apps on our own site (duh). That had 1077 results for Trump Hair, goodness me.

Anyway, that’s Trump Hair. If putting hair on pictures to make people look like Donald Trump is your kind of thing then you can find out more on our page for the app.

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