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Oh hi nice reader, and thanks for popping in to check out our weekly round-up of all the stuff that you might have missed across the Steel Media network. Yeah, that's right, it's a big ol' network. Obviously 148Apps is the best, but there are some other awesome sites involved too.

And like I say, this is a weekly round-up. So it'll happen next week as well. Essentially we want to make sure that you're up to date with all the comings and goings of the world of mobile and portable gaming. Come back next week, and you'll have all the knowledge to wow your friends and shut down your foes.

Pocket Gamer

It's been a pretty battle royale heavy week over on Pocket Gamer, as you might expect. Jon Mundy, for example, took a look at Fortnite and PUBG on mobile to decide which of them was best. You can check out what he decided here.

Then a silly man called Harry made some stuff up about why all battle royale games are terrible. And if that's not enough, the always splendid Emily Sowden rounded up absolutely everything you need to know about PUBG for mobile.

Away from royal battles, Jon Jordan waxed lyrical about how all the games coming out now are rubbish compared to the games he's already playing. And Susan Arendt talked about how much she's in love with You Must Build a Boat.


As usual, AppSpy had you covered with all of the best news and updates from the App Store. Big stories included the release of Fighting Fantasy Classics for iOS.

But AppSpy isn't afraid to shy away from criticism either. And Christian Valentin took the chance to talk about a hidden gem called Spl-t. You can check out what he thinks of the game by clicking on this link right here.

AppSpy YouTube

AppSpy's YouTube channel is your hub for all the best mobile gaming video content on the internet. And this week was no exception. The highlight was the silken-voiced James Gilmour's review of the pretty damn good Reed...

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