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Another week has flown by here at Steel Media towers. It's been busy for everyone. Some of the editorial team have been at our regular show in London, Pocket Gamer Connects. Some of us haven't. We've all had our noses pushed right into the grindstone though.

So here's a small slice of the amazing content that you might have missed out on across the SM empire. If you see some stuff you like, make sure you keep checking back on all of our sites. We're pretty damn good at what we do, and no mistake.

Pocket Gamer

Over on our sister site Pocket Gamer, a lot of the content has been about PGC. There's a hands-on with a particularly excellent VR game called A Most Curious Murder, for example. It was a VR heavy event, so the intrepid Dave Aubrey checked out a new VR FPS called Skyfront as well.

On the more mobile side of things, PG listed 5 of their mobile gaming guilty pleasures. There's some crackers on that list, and no mistake. Plus, to celebrate 40 years of Space Invaders, they rounded up some of the best mobile versions of the game too.

Android Rundown

The big story at Android Rundown this week was a review of US Army Frontline Special Forces Commando Mission. But did the team like it? Did they love it? Did it make them feel queasy all the way to their guts? You're going to have to click here to find out, aren't you?


At AppSpy, things were a little calmer than at PG. News was, as ever, the order of the week. There was a lot going on, but Slime Pizza coming out was a particular favourite story of mine. Christian's hidden gem of the week was the really rather ace Ending - you can read what he thought of it by clicking here.

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