Have you been keeping up to date with everything going on in the Steel Media empire? You haven't? Well that's okay, because we've gone right ahead and done a round-up of all the awesome content that's gone up on our family of sites over the last seven days.

There are features, there are reviews, and there are some awesome videos. And don't worry if you don't have time to pay attention to all of the sites, because we'll be back here, same time, same place next week with another round-up. We're kind and caring like that.

Pocket Gamer

PG has been throwing out some controversial hot takes over the past week. First columnist Jon Jordan suggested that if Mario Kart Tour was going to succeed, it was going to have to be free to play. Then the site rounded up all the excellent portable Mario Kart games that predate MKT.

Susan Arendt pondered the brilliant ways that The Room: Old Sins makes you wait, and since Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition came out, the site had a look at all of the other brilliant Final Fantasy games you can get for mobile.

If that wasn't enough, guide master Dave Aubrey had a long hard look at the best tips and tricks for battle royale game Rules of Survival. You can check those out by clicking right here.

Android Rundown

If Google gaming is your bag, AR is the place to be. Tre Lawrence reviewed the recently released cover shooter Hero Hunters, and found that it was pretty darn good. And then Mr Lawrence checked out a pair of Jam Ultra Wireless Earbuds. Wanna know what he thought? Well you're going to have to click here to find out.


Over on AppSpy, the hidden gem of the week was the really rather good Euclidea. Not played it? Well click here to find out why Christian Valentin thinks you should. He also thinks you should check out True Legacy, a brand new cyberpunk adventure story.

AppSpy Video

In the world of video, no one ever sleeps. Which is good, because that means you get the best content 24/7. Content like this brilliant video review of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition...

Or this excellent review of getaway simulator Pako 2...

And that's your lot for this week. But remember, if you want to know about mobile gaming, you're going to want to stick with Steel Media.

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