Apex Legends, the popular EA battle royale, recently made its way to mobile and was well-received. Since the release, Respawn has been actively making additions to the game. And on the same note, Apex Legends Mobile is getting a new mode - Armed and Dangerous.

Previously, Armed and Dangerous was available only on PC and consoles. In this mode, players enter the battlefield wielding snipers and shotguns.

Armed and Dangerous was introduced in the recent 1.5 Cold Snap update a week ago, along with the new legend Loba. The update went live on June 24th.

The loot pool in the game mode offers players the following guns - the Kraber, Charge Rifle, Longbow, Sentinel, EVA-8, Mastiff, Peacekeeper, and Mozambique.

However, other than this, players will have the same battle royale experience in the World’s Edge with the usual squad of three.

It is a helpful and essential mode for players either inexperienced using shotguns and/or snipers or for anyone who has a grip on them but wants to practice. However, players should hurry since this mode is only available for two days.

Apart from Armed and Dangerous, the update also introduced Pro mode, hinting at the return of Quick Battle LTM. In the latter mode, players have to complete quick battle challenges to earn seasonal currency.

With a hint of Quick Battle LTM mode’s return, players expect the Pro mode to feature Armed and Dangerous tasks. Players can play the Pro Mode until June 26th. The mode will be back in the game on July 8th.

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