148Apps Live: Featuring New Releases Bloodstroke, Rocket ROBO, and Trambo

Posted by Carter Dotson on January 31st, 2014
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148Apps aims to bring you the most interesting iOS games and talks with the most interesting developers, all streamed live on our Twitch channel. This is 148Apps Live!

This week Rob Rich and myself, Carter Dotson, decided to play and discuss three games that released this week: Bloodstroke, Rocket ROBO, and Trambo. Watch the recorded version of the whole show below:

[twitchrecorded 499462081,148Apps]

As well, watch the footage of individual games below:

Bloodstroke: Chillingo published this stylish action game with involvement from John Woo. We discuss just where the Woo influences come in to this game, along with why the protected characters could be doing more work:

[twitchhighlight 3641169,148Apps]

Rocket ROBO: This game was an Editor's Choice winner, and it looks mighty polished, but what helps make it worthy of high praise?

[twitchhighlight 3641181,148Apps]

Trambo: This platformer looked intriguing, and its unique quirks, along with some help from a member in the chat helped convince of us of one thing: don't mess with the Finnish people, because they have giant deathrays and space bootcamps.

[twitchhighlight 3641191,148Apps]

As always, follow us on Twitch to find out when we go live next!

iPhone Screenshots

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Trambo screenshot 1 Trambo screenshot 2 Trambo screenshot 3 Trambo screenshot 4 Trambo screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Trambo screenshot 6 Trambo screenshot 7 Trambo screenshot 8 Trambo screenshot 9 Trambo screenshot 10
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