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Posted by Matt Suckley on May 21st, 2016
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Now that most of us have already finished the lovely Monument Valley (if not, shame on you!), Mekorama is a new puzzle game that does a remarkably good job of scratching that same itch.

Our sister site Pocket Gamer has been running down more specific level-by-level guides to the cute robot puzzler, but here are some general tips to help you muddle through the head-scratching stages.

Pay for hints

Mekorama operates on a pay what you want system, and only a stone-hearted Scrooge would say that its one-man developer doesn't deserve any money at all - especially as the lowest tier is a mere £0.79/$0.99.

Furthermore, paying players unlock the game's hint system, which is actually very handy.

At any point, it allows you to enter the pause menu and see a hint straight from the dev on how to tackle each level. These hints are an invaluable resource when you're stuck, and strike a good balance between steering you in the right direction and spoiling the puzzle.

Where does it lead?

One of the biggest frustrations with Mekorama is that so much is hidden - staircases, pathways, etc - meaning you can often stand in a doorway and not know where it leads.

And, as the game's control scheme involves tapping where you want to move, you'll often find yourself at something of an impasse.

Often this will be cleared up by in-game hints, but if you haven't paid, the solution is more simple: don't over-think it, and simply tap every possible exit.

Eventually, you'll see your robot chum emerge.

What's in a name?

Consider the name of each level. They're not always relevant, but often they are.

'Pagoda Push', for example, involves edging another robot back up a tower to complete the stage. 'Back Track' requires making another robot navigate the level backwards, allowing you to step around it and finish the level.

The name of a level is the developer giving you a hint of what's coming and how to solve it. Don't ignore it.

Get a better look

Mekorama has only four fixed camera angles, which can be quite limiting for some of the more complex stages.

However, while it doesn't completely negate the issue, using the standard drag and pinch-to-zoom controls allows you to have a closer look.

This is especially useful when you think you've hit a dead end, as there's often a nook or cranny you haven't noticed.

Are you burning through those level with ease now? Or has Matt sent you round a dead end? Let us know in the comments below!

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