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ZombieBooth Updated for Zombie Awareness Month

Posted by Blake Grundman on May 17th, 2011

Oh, those pesky undead have once again reared their ugly heads on iOS.  Thankfully this time they are not in game form, but rather, in the form of all of your device's pictures.  The original zombifying app ZombieBooth is getting an update in celebration of May being Zombie Awareness month, that will be adding in better facial detection features to further amplify the conversion to the lifeless.  Just don't forget that humans are not the only creatures that can be zombified, because everyone loves a maniacal brain craving kitty cat.

I don't know what is more remarkable, the transformations that this interesting app can facilitate, or the fact that there is an entire month dedicated to awareness for a creature that doesn't actually exist... yet!  What's next? Mummy Awareness week?  Wait... Now that I think about it, couldn't zombies and mummies be considered one in the same?  Where is my tinfoil hat when I need it?

Be sure to give the new update a looks and share with us your fearsome results in the comments below.

ZombieBooth Turns You Into a 3D Zombie

Posted by Carter Dotson on February 1st, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

People may seem like they're hard to understand, but really, they aren't that complex. All people love 2 things. They love zombies - just look at the popularity of Left 4 Dead selling 3 million copies, and zombie TV series The Walking Dead being one of the biggest series on cable in 2010. What else do people love? Why, they love camera apps on their iPhone. 6 of the top 50 apps are apps that let you add effects to photos and videos you take. Someone at MotionPortrait clearly thought that there was a market here to combine the two, and thus was born ZombieBooth.

ZombieBooth isn't just an app that applies a cheap video effect over your face and makes you look like you're undead. No, ZombieBooth shoots a little higher - you either take a picture with your camera or import a picture from your photo library, indicate where your eyes and mouth are, let the photo process, and then you get a 3D model of your face (or whomever you're taking a picture of), looking like you're in the middle of a serious zombie affliction. You can move around your new zombie face, shuffle between different zombie effects, save a picture to your Camera Roll, or share it via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Of course, half the fun of the app comes from seeing your zombie face in action and hearing the grunts and growls of your new zombified form, thrills that stills can't share. This is why ZombieBooth features the ability to make a video of your zombie form that can be saved to your Camera Roll.

There's clearly more going on in this app than in your average photo manipulation app, especially considering the 3D rendering the app presents, which is part of why the app has been a big hit among Macworld 2011 attendees, where MotionPortrait was showing off this and other photo manipulation apps. People apparently do love zombies and iPhone photo manipulation. And the amazing thing is that some people probably saw this app on the show floor, and then went and downloaded it right there after they saw it, the joy of selling via digital distribution. This is of course, assuming that AT&T and/or wifi service was prevalent on the show floor, which is often an issue at conventions. Still, we have this incredible technology in the palms of our hands, with the ability to acquire it from anywhere, and we can use it to do silly things like make ourselves look like zombies anywhere we want, and send it to anyone we want. It's silly, but it's incredible.